The studio's multidisciplinary approach allows for a diverse and detailed repertoire – from the building-scale to the wall-painting scale. Our Specialization is the creation of objects, at any scale, while adjusting them to the client's needs during the design process. 

Innovative Design

In order to create good architecture we aim for innovation, originality and uniqueness in technological, cultural, statutory, and psychological aspects, regardless of success or failure.

Professional Staff

The studio is experienced in residential interior design, business interior design, memorial monument design, furniture design, product design and more. The studio was selected for the 40X40 project - featuring the work of 40 prominent architects under the age of 40. 




 Architecture is changing shapes with light, material and texture. Our design seeks to create new and innovative places. Our emphasis is on aesthetics, good experience and fun.


Architecture is not always reflected in the physical world, there are projects designed to challenge your thinking and present new ideas without limitations of the real world. 


We do not always get to design the entire structure. Sometimes it is necessary to redesign only the internal space. The interior is the intimate interaction between man and building, we emphasize its design. 


In the past there was no separation between the disciplines of art - sculpture and painting, and architecture. We believe in the integration of disciplines. We make art as an integral part of the project.


The market's large selection is not always suitable for the customer. We create the unique product that fits like a glove - especially for you. 


 We are constantly updated about products on the market, and know to get you the best prices, even if it means importing them from across the world.







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